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Bedrock® Montage-Klett zu SPOT Gen3

Our original SPOT Harness will keep you from losing a costly piece of equipment

Gewicht 16 Gramm
Made inColorado, USA


SPOT Harness by BEDROCK.

Die perfekte Halterung für Ihren SPOT Gen3 Satelliten-Tracker. Hält das Teil BOMBENFEST am Bike oder am Rucksack. Ein Verlieren des Trackers ist damit absolut UNMÖGLICH..

Schauen Sie einfach den Video vom Hersteller für weitere Details.

Keep your SPOT tracker safe and securely attached to your bike or your backpack shoulder strap with the SPOT Harness. While watching the 2016 Arizona Trail Race on TrackLeaders, we noticed an awful lot of racers lost their SPOT trackers on route. So we designed, on the spot (pun intended), a strap system to prevent losses of this type! Rubberized backing keeps the harness from rotating around the tube, and a multi-point SPOT strap-and-lock system allows you to not worry about loss under the harshest conditions. No shake, rattle, or roll.

Works on SPOT Gen3 trackers by lacing velcro straps through the lanyard loops on either end. Straps firmly to your bicycle top tube, fork leg, handlebar, or seatpost.


First SPOT Gen3 harness in the bikepacking world



Works with Gen 3 SPOT trackers due to their lanyard loops on either end.


Shop // Marken // SPOT Tracker // FE-289.601